The Grammar Stream

The Grammar Stream at The Elms provides accelerated learning and greater challenge, as well as a wide range of additional extracurricular opportunities, for our most able students, putting them on the path to the world’s best universities.

They will be taught a more challenging and in-depth curriculum from Year 7 onwards, as well as having access to a programme of extracurricular opportunities that will put them on the path to the world’s best universities.

What will be different about the Grammar Stream curriculum?

 A key aspect of the Grammar Stream curriculum is that students will study two languages from Year 7 onwards: Spanish, as well as either French or Mandarin. We believe that the ability to communicate with others around the world will be vital for success in a twenty-first century world. In addition, a focus on languages will help to build a greater cultural understanding 
and will maximise students’ opportunities to work and study abroad in the future.

Except for languages, Grammar Stream students in Key Stage 3 will study the same subject mix as their peers. However, the Grammar Stream curriculum will be more in-depth, and teachers will push students to read widely and critically, in order to broaden their understanding. There will be additional homework expectations over and above students in the mainstream school.

In Key Stage 4, we aim for Grammar Stream students to continue to study both languages at GCSE. Grammar Stream students will also sit the Sciences as three separate GCSEs (‘triple science’), rather than the Combined qualification. In addition, students will have the opportunity to study for an additional Level 2 Statistics qualification and to complete the AQA Higher Project, in which students write up an extended piece of research on a topic of their choosing.

What other opportunities will students in the Grammar Stream have?

In order to be successful in their university applications and beyond, Grammar Stream students will need to have passions outside of their academic work. To help them develop such passions, we will provide students with bespoke extracurricular opportunities that will bring both new experiences and help to develop them into leaders within the Hurlingham community.

All Grammar Stream students will be expected to learn a musical instrument, supported by 1-1 and small group tuition. An instrument loan/bursary scheme will be available to support with 
access to instruments.

In addition, Grammar Stream students will have access to the following opportunities during their school career:

  • Monday clubs – during their school  career, students will have access to a huge range of clubs, including  Sports (football, rugby, gymnastics,  trampolining, fencing and more),
     Arts (choir, drama, songwriting,  poetry and more) and Community  (social justice, coding, school  newspaper and more).
  • University visits both in and outside of London.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award – in  which students develop a skill,  complete charity work and go on an  overnight expedition.
  • Speak Out Challenge and Debate  Mate, in which students receive  public speaking training and  participate in debates.
  • The Brilliant Club, in which students work with PhD students to complete  a dissertation on a subject of their  choosing.
  • Mentoring by older Elms students, who can offer help and advice on homework and wider school life.

How do students access the Grammar Stream?

As part of the induction programme, students who have accepted a place at The Elms Academy will complete a set of cognitive ability tests, known as MidYis. A Grammar Stream place will be offered to the highest-scoring 32 students.

All students who accept a place will be asked to sign a contract that commits them to their place and to the after-school activities that we expect Grammar Stream students to take part in.

The MidYis tests assess students’ abilities in verbal and non-verbal reasoning, numerical tasks, proof reading, and vocabulary. There is no need for students to prepare for the tests in any way.

Grammar Stream places will be reviewed annually after the second school assessment point, which takes place in June each year.

Download our information booklet to read more

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Download our information booklet to read more about The Grammar Stream