“We get our students to the best university destinations and professions” 

Our vision is to ensure we bring out the best in every student, so they have the ambition, determination and opportunity to ‘climb the mountain’ to the best universities, apprenticeships and professions and we are proud of our increasingly impressive record.

Our inclusive and comprehensive university programme starts early, led by our dedicated Careers and Higher Education Co-ordinator and our team of tutors, many of whom studied at Russell Group universities. We collaborate closely with our special external partners to offer our students support at every stage of the university application process that rivals the very best private and independent schools in the United Kingdom.

In the past three years students have received an unprecedented number of offers to Russell Group universities and other excellent providers which you can read about below. Within that time, six students have been successful in achieving the grades they needed to attend Oxford or Cambridge. This year, Adzor, Halima and Lloyd joined the hall of fame and the boys were even featured in an Oxford press release which you can view here.

Adzor A*A*A*


Halima A*BB

Art, Humanities & Social Sciences

Lloyd A*A*A*


Huzaifa A*AA

Imperial College London

Aniqah D* D* D*

King’s College London


University of Manchester
Aerospace Engineering

Samiya A*A*A

University College London
Arts & Sciences

Faisal D*D*D

St Mary’s, Twickenham
Sport & Exercise Science

Alseea A*A*A

Queen Mary University

Danielle AAB

University of Birmingham
English Literature

Naimur AAB

Queen Mary University
Accounting & Finance

Alicia ABB

University of Bristol
Virology & Immunology

Other current and past offers include but are not limited to:

  • University of Cambridge: Medicine
  • University of Cambridge: Education with Psychology
  • University of Cambridge: Veterinary Medicine
  • University of Oxford: Biochemistry
  • University of Oxford: Mathematics
  • Imperial College London: Biochemistry
  • Imperial College London: Physics
  • University College London: Electrical Engineering
  • King's College London: Biochemistry
  • King's College London: Nursing
  • King's College London: Religion, Philosophy and Ethics
  • London School of Economics: Actuarial Science
  • Academy of Contemporary Music: Music Performance
  • University of Bath: Chemical Engineering
  • University of Bath: Psychology
  • BIMM Institute: Popular Music Performance
  • University of Birmingham: Computer Science
  • University of Birmingham: Business Management
  • University of Bristol: Psychology
  • University of Exeter: Exercise and Sport Sciences
  • University of Leeds: Business Management
  • University of Leeds: Medicine
  • University of Leeds: Physics
  • Leeds Conservatoire: Music (songwriting)
  • University of Liverpool: Business Management with a year in industry
  • Queen Mary University of London: Business Management
  • University of Manchester: Biochemistry
  • Middlesex University: Illustration
  • University of Nottingham: Computer Science
  • University of Sheffield: Law
  • University of Southampton: Marine Biology
  • University of Southampton: Fashion Marketing with Management