Rewards System

Rewards, praise and encouragement are powerful aids to teaching, maintaining high standards of behaviour and fostering a positive academy ethos. The key aspect of our behaviour policy is the emphasis on positive reinforcement of good behaviour. We expect children to behave well but understand they need guidance, support and encouragement in this.

We work extremely hard at rewarding good behaviour, hard work and positive attitudes through rewards trips, rewards assemblies, postcards home and our weekly lottery. The school invests a lot of money into these rewards in order to teach children to value hard work, respect and manners and to nurture valuable character traits in them.

Examples of student behaviour deserving merits include:

  • Well thought out and reasoned response to questions
  • Effort above and beyond expectation
  • A high level of achievement in set work
  • A remarkable piece of homework
  • Assisting a peer in need
  • Being a role model i.e. stopping confrontation etc
  • Helpful behaviour

There are other ways in which your behaviour and attitude will be rewarded:

  • Displaying your work
  • Writing or telephoning home
  • Gift vouchers
  • Trips
  • Special lunches with the Head of Year
  • Postcards of Excellence (5 of these and students are in a raffle for a big prize!)
  • Golden Postcards
  • Merit certificates

Sanctions System

In the same way we want children to understand that poor behaviour, a lack of respect and a lack of hard work are detrimental to their achievement as well as to our community as a school. We do this through our behaviour system. A detention will be issued for lateness, failure to complete homework or poor conduct at morning roll call. It is crucial that your child completes the detention as soon as it is set so that they see clearly the link between their poor behaviour and the sanction. Detentions are not optional.

Therefore we do not rearrange a detention unless there is a medical emergency and a medical letter is provided.

If a student fails to meet the required high standards of the Academy, then they must expect to face the consequences of their actions through:

  • Same Day detention (up to one hour)
  • Phone calls/letters home to parents/carers
  • Community service
  • Internal exclusion in the Reflection Room
  • Meeting between senior staff and parents/carers
  • Friday night detention for 2 hours
  • Fixed term external exclusion
  • Permanent exclusion

Behaviour is excellent here at The Elms Academy. Students typically work in calm and ordered environments and visitors often comment on how quiet the school is! We have a binary system of behaviour which the students understand and feel is fair. They understand the value of high expectations and appreciate being able to work in classrooms where learning is not disrupted.