The school site is open at 07.30 with breakfast available for students between 07.30 - 08.00 in the school canteen.

The school day commences at 08.30 and finishes at 3.30.


Start     End  Period
8.30am 9.00am  FORM TIME
9.00am 9.45am  Period 1
9.45am 10.30am  Period 2
10.30am 11.15am  Period 3
11.15am 11.35pm  BREAK
11.35pm 12.20pm  Period 4
12.20pm 1.05pm  Period 5
1.05pm 1.45pm  LUNCH
1.45pm 2.30pm Period 6
2.30pm 3.15pm Period 7
3.15pm 3.30pm FORM TIME
3.30pm   Dismissal

Students are expected to be in school for 8.20am. The canteen is open for a free breakfast from 07:30 until 8:00.

Students have a 20 minute mid-morning break and a 40 minute lunch break. Food and drinks are served at both of these breaks in the canteen. Students in Years 7-11 must remain on-site throughout the whole day including lunchtime.

The structure of the school day can be seen in the table on the right.

Students have 7 lessons per day. Some students are invited to additional Masterclasses after school, or Homework Club. Enrichment runs every Monday from 3:30 – 4:30. Enrichment is a compulsory session. 

KS3 Prep and Enrichment:

During the first two weeks of term, Year 7 will have prep after school with their form tutors until 4:15pm. This is to help support them develop the independent learning skills needed for homework.