Our Curriculum

All students at The Elms Academy study a broad and rigorous curriculum which prepares them for the best possible universities and careers.

Core subjects include English, Mathematics, Science and Religious Education. Alongside these core subjects, at Key Stage 3, students study the humanities subjects, geography and history, at least one modern foreign language such as Mandarin, Spanish or French and then the creative arts which include drama, art and music. Physical Education is varied and diverse, ranging from athletics to cricket to badminton, and we often invite in specialist coaches in such as Harlequins Rugby. Extra-curricular clubs take place weekly and include activities such as singing, yoga, Save the Planet and football.

At Key Stage 4, students follow an academic pathway suited to their ability and future educational choices. These pathways vary in whether students study the separate sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and gain a GCSE for each Science, or combined sciences in which students attain two GCSEs. The pathways also vary in whether students study a language. However, all students are entitled to take a GCSE in a home language, for example Polish or Farsi. We also offer quality Level Two BTEC courses as alternatives to some of our GCSE subjects for students who are suited to more vocational courses, more coursework rather than exams and more computer-based learning.

The Grammar Stream

The Grammar Stream is made up of students in the top tutor group in Year 7 and 8. Students in the Grammar Stream will all study Spanish, as well as either French or Mandarin. In other subjects, the curriculum will be enhanced to ensure that students are prepared to achieve the highest possible grades in their GCSE exams and beyond. Students in the Grammar Stream will also have access to a bespoke enrichment programme.