Enrichment Activities are an important part of school life at The Elms Academy. We offer a wide range of activities to all students from all year groups. All of our teachers dedicate time to the running of these activities and we encourage all of our students to become involved in different activities during lunchtime and after school. These are advertised on Academy notice boards, in assemblies and through a tutor time.

Enrichment also feeds into the school’s House System and points are gained by inter-house competitions and sporting events.

After-school activities and events:

A wide range of extra-curricular activities, trips and matches take place after the Academy day officially ends at 3.30pm.  Enrichment is compulsory for Year 7 and Year 8 students on Mondays after school from 3.30 - 4.30pm.

Students who wish to participate in, and who are selected for, teams will be given details of the dates, locations and probable finishing times of the matches well in advance. If the match is at another school or institution, pupils will be transported there by minibus and will return to The Elms Academy after the match.




Big Thinkers History Club

Combine your big thinking with detective work to answer big questions such as:

  • Who is your personal hero or heroine? Queen Boadicea or Queen Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill or Donald Trump?
  • “What is the value of human life if we do not understand what went before us?” (Cicero)
  • There are 45,000 surnames in England alone, what does yours mean? How to be a family detective.

Science Club

Are you the next Einstein or Newton? Could you be the next generation’s pioneer scientist to change the world?

Come and learn more and participate in fun experiments at Science Club.

Climate Fighters

The best way young people can act against climate change is by educating the world. Climate impacts everyone but the future belongs to YOU. Come and help climate fighters make a difference!

Gardening Club

Get in touch with nature! At Gardening Club we’ll be digging, weeding and planting to make The Elms Academy’s outside space a green oasis of calm.

Knitting Ninjas

Have a fun and relaxing crafternoon at Knitting Ninjas where we will learn to create beautiful masterpieces using wool and knitting needles.

Calligraphy Club

Learn to write beautiful calligraphy with real quills and ink!

Elms Band

The Big Band comes together each week to make some amazing music together, getting ready to perform at the next big Elms Academy show.

Elms Voices

The Elms Voices are a group of enthusiastic singers who love singing. We’ll have fun and work together to prepare some songs for the next Elms Academy show!

Manga/Anime Drawing Club

Practice drawing in the style of Anime and Manga! All abilities welcome, whether you’re an expert or a beginner.

Art Club

At Art Club we’ll do a variety of different types of art each week. A fun and relaxing space to come together and be creative.

Maths Masters

At Maths Masters we’ll solve some fun and complex problems and try out some tricky questions from the UK Maths Challenge! It’s all about team work, logic and having fun.


Come and enjoy some badminton doubles! Beginners and more experienced players are all welcome.

*PE kit required

Football (girls)*

Football practice so we can come together and perfect our skills, ready to build our slick teamwork so we can be the champions of Lambeth and beat all the other schools!

*PE kit required

Football (boys)*

Football practice so we can come together and perfect our skills, ready to build our slick teamwork so we can be the champions of Lambeth and beat all the other schools!

*PE kit required

Japanese Culture Club

At Japanese Culture Club, we explore all types of Japanese culture and maybe even learn some Japanese!

Drama Club

In Drama club, we will be working together as a professional cast to create multiple performances. Your work will allow you to participate in some incredible performance evenings through‐out the year, both internal and external.

Board Games Club

At Board Games Club, we play a range of different board games with each other, ranging from the relaxed to the competitive! Come and try out a variety of board games to see which ones you enjoy the most, and make new friends, too.