I would just like to thank all of the Year 9 teachers for all of their help and support over the last 15 months.

I have just finished our online parents meeting and am so grateful for all the teaching and support that Tia has received in order to accomplish the grades that she has received.

Although she has not had the easiest of months, the feedback and encouragement we received this morning was absolutely amazing and provided her with the well needed boost that she needed in order to progress into Year 10.

I would really appreciate it if you could pass on my thanks to Tia’s teachers, I  will continue to support and encourage Tia as well as the school to ensure that she continues along the great path ahead.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that has supported Inca through to the results she received today.

Over the moon and bowled over by you all. Thanks so much to all of your incredibly hard work.
Best, best wishes

Now that we have got through results week and know for sure that Tawab is going to study medicine in Cambridge, I just wanted to again say a sincere and massive thank you for everything the school has done to support him.  

It has been such a challenging time and I don’t underestimate the amount of work it has taken by all of the Sixth Form team to help Lola and other students reach their potential. We couldn’t be more proud of her, not only for her results but for her values and the way she responds to everything life throws at her.  We’re really pleased that Yara will be joining the Sixth Form in September and look forward to future contact with the Sixth Form team.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for everything Pilar's teachers have done to support and encourage her in her time at the Academy. Please pass my thanks to everyone on my behalf.  We won't forget how much you helped her achieve the best results possible.